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RavenWing Manor {GOR}

Laws Of The RavenWing Manor/Homestone
Family Members and Protected Souls
Brother's and Sister's in Arms
The Proposal and Mating of Michael and Selene
Slave's of RavenWing Manor
Laws Of The RavenWing Manor/Homestone

1) Iwill not tolerate Disrespect, Disloyalty, unfaithfulness, treachery, deciet nor anyother foolishness.
2) No rl issues will be brought into this Homestone take it to PM not in the main room.
3) Do not ever mistreat me or any within my Homestone or you will be taught some manners ye will never forget.
4) this maybe a NKZ but that doesn't mean we can't make an exception if we see fit, otherwise this is a NKZ and i mean NKZ
5) this is a Loyal Homestone and it will remain as such anyone caught and proven to have caused Treachery Deciet and so fourth will be asked to leave immediately
6) anyone part of the RavenWing Homestone caught telling anyone outside of the Home about what is said within our walls will have their tounge's removed as an example of what not to do but hell ye will live
7) I expect Loyal to all within the Homestone if ye break the loyalty of the Homestone or it's members ye will be asked to leave and never return. 
8) hear me and hear me good any slave that releases anothers collar will be put to punished immediately no questions asked.
9) the Mistress of RavenWing Manor does have the authority to punish slaves as she see's fit except for Bear's girl she is Bear's responsibilty and girl ayasha is also a slave trainer with Mistress Salene they will be heard

Please respect all other's until they disrespect ye then nail em, All Slaves Karta and beg to enter