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RavenWing Manor {GOR}

The Proposal and Mating of Michael and Selene

Family Members and Protected Souls
Brother's and Sister's in Arms
The Proposal and Mating of Michael and Selene
Slave's of RavenWing Manor
Laws Of The RavenWing Manor/Homestone

Master Michael RavenWing{RWM}
RavenWing Manor

Mistress Selene RavenWing{RWM}
RavenWing Manor

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} kneels on one knee in front of Selene and opens a small black box with a Diamond and Sapphire Tigers Eye Eternity engagamnet ring in it and a wedding band both solid gold made by his own hands this day he say to her looking into her eyes.......Selene DragonHeart will ye do me the sacred honour of becoming my wife and Sacred Mistress for Eternity and beyond?.....i love you more than eternity times infinity and beyond i would not want to spend this life or the next alone without ye by my side or in my arms please say Aye Selene

Mistress Selene {MM}~{RWM} smiles to him as she sees him on one as she hears his words ring in her ears she tears up and fights it back places her hands on his cheeks kisses him deeply when she breaks her blood red tears flow as she nods ...Aye Michael i will be your from now and forever for i would not make it now without my loveand his undying love for me

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} takes the engagement ring from the box and places it on her ring finger and kisses her then says.......Selene ye have just made me the happiest man/vampire on this realm i will protect ye with my very life my beloved i promise ye that

Mistress Selene {MM}~{RWM} smiles then kisses him back as she says ..Michael you have made me the happiest vampyre ever ( with an attitude) and i would give my last dying breath to make sure you are at my side always


                      The Mating/Wedding of Michael and Selene

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} gets on one knee in front of her and says.......Selene i knever knew what true love was or ment and i definately never knew how it felt till i met you and this moment in ime i feel so high on a cloud it feels like flying and damn it i never want to come have so freed me rfrom all pain and unhappiness i love you with all that i am or ever will be and to you i am like a dove on the air currents of love from this moment forward i am yours and i will be until the earth falls around us i want to give you so much most things i can except for one and that one thing i will not heart is so full right now and if it were able to beat it would so explode i vow to you here and now to be by your side through everything i vow this to you my love

obviously the gods and goddess of this time saw it fit to bring to bring us together and are smiling to us now knowing they have done what others like them couldn't down paths we will walk together hand in hand and in love nothin will ever distroy that for if they try hell hath no fury like a vampire ancient scorned and love let me tell he can be a real Ass i love you Selene my love my light my soul my heart and my very being <c>

marry me now my Love and forever feal what we both know and we both want ....he whispers to her taking her hand and looking deep into her eyes reaching into another pocket and removing a matching box containing a plane gold band... takes her hand and places it on her finger* with this ring of gold symbolizing my undieing love i take thee Selene Dragonheart to be my wife and compainion now and for all eternity an beyond to love you is my vow to protect you my life and from this day until time and times are done i will vow to make you happy with all that i am or ever will be i Love you as if i were the last vampire on this planet<e>

Mistress Selene {MM}~{RWM} watches Michael listening to his sweet words knowing it is coming from his heart she reaches for his hand tears swell in her eyes as her heart know this to be true and from his heart as she looks deep in his eyes she speaks ....Michael when i first came to your home i was unsure if i was ever to find my heart and when i seen you i knew from then on that i was destened to be with you forever as you have taken my pain from loneliness away and have put nothing but joy and happiness in my heart

The god goddesses have blessed us to letting us find one another and from this day forward i will stand by your side and will always make you happy as i wish to be with you forever even after my last breath.Reaches for the necklace on her neck jerking it off taking the gold band from it placing it on his finger and says....take this ring for it is my love an devotion to you as your wife and the mother to your children i will never let what we have die ever and will love and cherish what we have together and will not let it be destroyed by no other I love you Michael from this day forward let it be known that we are now man and wife.<e>

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} as i am this ancient vampire older than Caine My Love i accept this ring from thee and wear it with Pride Honour and undying devotion to thee may My heart, soul spirit, and strength be yers this house be be blessed with many strong male and female warrior we call children our lil ones may we never let them come to harm may our Gorean ways be theirs may our family grow and flurish our Honour Pride and good judgement be always and our Brothers and Sisters at arms be there at our sides always may they be taught well by our Borthers and Sisters at Arms here and may we personally keep this House from falling I love you Selene and from this day forward we are now Man and Wife............looks to Bear ad Knight.........Agreed Selene and I are Man and Wife?.......

Runningbear ~MG~{RWM}: agreed

Maxton Knight ~EG~{AE/RWM}: Agreed Brother Michael

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} so be it we are as follows Master MIchael and Mistress Selene RavenWing and this will be Honoured A Sacred vow and if anyone stands to say otherwise his tounge shall be removed

Runningbear ~MG~{RWM}: agreed

Mistress Selene {MM}~{RWM} kisses him showing him her undying love and devotion to him as he has made her the happiest vampyre alive and will go from this day forward at his side and will stand tall and proud to say that she is now Selene RavenWing from here to eternity

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} kisses her back his wife and his Mistress for all of this eternity and beyond his angel he shows her his eternal fire for her and his devotion as her husbnd protector and the Guardian of her heart and soul

Mistress Selene {MM}~{RWM} wraps her arms around him feeling in her heart that this will last forever as she breaks the kiss she looks to him in his eyes as she smiles then whispers to him forever and eternity my love and no other will take thee heart from you for you are the one that holds it and the key to it .. I Love You Michael

Master Michael{MS}{RWM} aye my Love as yer heart is mine my heart is yers foerever this i wvow no other will have it or take I love you Selene RavenWing

Please respect all other's until they disrespect ye then nail em, All Slaves Karta and beg to enter