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RavenWing Manor {GOR}

Brother's and Sister's in Arms

Family Members and Protected Souls
Brother's and Sister's in Arms
The Proposal and Mating of Michael and Selene
Slave's of RavenWing Manor
Laws Of The RavenWing Manor/Homestone

Thi is a Palace for My Brother and Sister's at Arms even if they are fallen they are never forgotten ever,

Master Michael RavenWing{RWM}
Master of RavenWing Manor

RavenWing Manor Senior Advisor

Real Name: Master Michael RavenWing Nickname: Master Michael RavenWing{MRW} Location: RavenWing Manor Age: 999 Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Occupation: Hunter, Slaver, Warrior

Master of The Guards RavenWing Manor

RavenWing Master of The Guards

Real Name: RavenWing Chieftain of Guards RunningBear Nickname: Runningbear~MG~{RWM} Location: RavenWing Manor Marital Status: No Answer Gender: Male Occupation: Slaver / hunter

RavenWing Manor Personal Guard/Armed Escort

RavenWing Manor Personal Guard/Armed Escort

Real Name: Zander Adan Knight Nickname: Zander_Knight~PG~{AE/RWM} Location: Raven Wing Manor Age: 23 Marital Status: Long-term Relationship Gender: Male Occupation: Elite Guard/ Armed Escort/Personal Guard


Mistress Selene RavenWing{RWM}
Mistress f RavenWing Manor

Mistress of RavenWing Manor

Real Name: Selene RavenWing Nickname: Mistress Selene RavenWing{RWM} Location: RavenWing Manor Age: 169 Marital Status: Married Gender: Female Occupation: In Michaels strong arms

"Loves dies but what i have will go on forever .Michael holds the key to my heartand soul and no other will have it or ever take it."

Maxton Knight ~EG~{AE/RWM}
RavenWing Manor Elite Guard/Armed Escort

RavenWing Elite Guard/Armed Escort

Real Name: Eric Nickname:  Maxton Knight ~EG~{AE/RWM} Location: RavenWing Manor Marital Status: Divorced Gender: Male Occupation: Nomad

"In surrender, you will find your freedom. I will travel the world to claim you"

Please respect all other's until they disrespect ye then nail em, All Slaves Karta and beg to enter