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RavenWing Manor {GOR}

Family Members and Protected Souls
Brother's and Sister's in Arms
The Proposal and Mating of Michael and Selene
Slave's of RavenWing Manor
Laws Of The RavenWing Manor/Homestone
RavenWing Manor{GOR}

Tal A/all and welcome to the RavenWing Manor HomeStone all are welcome at this My HomeStone this Home is strict Gor and all will be followed and obeyed as such if my HomeStone is disrespected in anyway the offender will be Executed on sight no questions asked. Please treat me and mine with respect and ye shall be treated the same way.

Master Michael RavenWing~RWM~

Thank Ye Fer taking to to stop and visit our HomeStone, and please feel free to contact me Master Michael RavenWing

Please respect all other's until they disrespect ye then nail em, All Slaves Karta and beg to enter